Antique Hummingbird Print Oiseau-Mouche A Queue Fourchue Pl 18

René Primevère Lesson (1799-1849), was a leading French naturalist and explorer. From 1822 to 1825 Lesson participated in the round-the-world voyage of the french corvette the Coquille acting as the ship's doctor.


The voyage of exploration visited many regions in South America and the Pacific. On his return, Lesson published books on many aspects of natural history, but he remains particularly famous for his work on hummingbirds. Several species were named by him or after him. Primevere later taught botany at the naval medical school in Rochefort, 1829–31 and was appointed the top-ranking navy pharmacist in France in 1835.


The Natural History of Hummingbirds was one of the first major works on the lives of these fascinating tiny birds. These beautiful handcolored copperplates were engraved after drawings by some of the leading artists of the day, including Bessa, Prêtre and Bévalet.

Antique Book Plate Print 

Hand colored

5 3/4" x 9"