Richard Ginori Medium Black Palm Parrot Vase

The Perroquets collection evokes the imagery of freedom and pure nature. Inspired by botanical manuscripts of the eighteenthcentury, found in the historical archives of the Ginori Manufacture, the collection is an expression of know-how and excellence of Made in Italy. Ink pen, film and silk frame are the method used for the development of the color composition of each parrot. Each film represents a color. The china draws the positive tone of color and the imprinted light marks, on chassis, the track of each color. The films, in an extraordinary game of overlaps, create and complete the decoration, characterizing the decorum with the harmony, variety and beauty of tone. The background is colored by using the craft technique of “punzecchio”. Each vase is hand decorated, recreating a particular coloration with a full taste of an authentic past. Ginori 1735 artifact for collectors.
8" H x 7" W