Astier de Villatte Atelier de Balthus Incense Box

Astier de Villatte incense sticks evoke the distinct character of different destinations around the world – imbuing living spaces with a lingering, distinctive scent.

The painter’s workshop is seen in a snapshot frame of the mind’s eye – wood-panelled, with green meadows stretching out beyond a huge bay window. Pale northern sunlight streams delicately across a still life of paint brushes, palettes, pots, half-finished canvases, and rags still wet with linseed oil. In the air is a heady scent of turpentine, which comingles with wisps of sweet smoke, along with honey, woods, tobacco and cedar wood from the forests beyond.

6" L | 2.5" W | 0.75" H | 125 Sticks/Box

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