Astier de Villatte Serena Hand Incense Holder

Cleanse your space with our curious Astier de Villatte Serena Hand Incense Holder. Created in collaboration with sculptor Serena Carone, this delicate piece comes to us from renowned ceramicist Astier de Villatte’s Paris workshop, housed in what was once the atelier of Napoleon’s own silversmith. There, it was handmade from terracotta following old school methods passed down for generations and finished with the brand’s signature milky white glaze. Clever in design, it holds a single stick of incense between its fingertips and catches the falling ash in its palm. Chic and delightfully strange, our Serena Hand Incense Holder is perfect for adding a touch of unique detail to any space. We also think it would make a thoughtful gift to an olfactory-obsessed friend, especially when paired with a box of fragrant Astier de Villatte Incense.

•3.5"W x 6"D x 3.5"H
•black terracotta
•milky white glaze
•collaboration with Astier de Villatte and Serena Carone

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