La Soufflerie Corvina Wine Glass

The name of this ornate wine glass comes from Corvina, a red wine that is produced in the Veneto region in the northeast of Italy. It’s an Italian grape variety from the Verona area near Venezia. The beveled design was inspired by the Venetian Baroque style. Creating the twisted ridged pattern on the glass is by pouring a hot ball of molten glass into a mold with spikes. As it begins to cool,  it is twisted out to make the final design. This is the same method used to make the Cicchetti and the Vino Venezia glass! La Soufflerie intentionally created the base to be big, chunky & wide. A true statement glass!

These are entirely made by hand and each creation is unique. Therefore, there may be a slight variation in color, texture, and size between each piece. On the base of each item, you can feel the pontil mark left by the glassblower’s cane. The presence of this mark indicates that the glass was blown freehand. This is the beauty of handmade.

The Corvina glass is available in transparent.

• Hand-blown using only recycled glass.

• Approximately 15cm high and 8cm wide.

• Size & shape will vary (approximately 1cm-2cm) from piece to piece.