The Poetry of Birds

A beautifully illustrated collection of famous poems written about birds to read and cherish as a source of comfort and joy.


Poets have long looked to birds for inspiration and this anthology of 65 poems is an ode to the myriad of way that these creatures bring us joy and solace. The poets here represented are amongst the greatest who have ever lived, and their joint celebration of a common theme has resulted in an enchanting book.


Amongst the poets whose work is included are Blake, Shakespeare and Wordsworth; Tennyson, Keats and Shelley; twentieth-century writers, amongst them Yeats, Laurie Lee and Ted Hughes; and such American poets as Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and Theodore Roethke.


Each poem is illustrated by iconic artworks by JJ Audubon, creating a beautiful book to cherish for years to come. 


Samuel Carr was a successful editor of a series of poetry anthologies, including Ode to the Countryside and Ode to Flowers. He was also the editor of Classic Hymns and Poems, all published by Batsford.